Planning a trip in Scotland

You could sometimes be forgiven for thinking that the first thing a Scotsman asks before going climbing or walking is "Where's the nearest pub?" - it's simply not true. - Admittedly it probably makes the top 5: the top questions will probably be...

  1. What's the weather going to be like
  2. What are the midges (mosquito-like insects) going to be like
  3. What's the best way of getting there & how long's that going to take
  4. How long can I go for
  5. Where's the nearest pub...

Aside from these five questions you should probably think about what equipment you'll need for Hillwalking in summer.

If you are visiting Scotland rather than living here you'll probably have a few more questions than that...

  • Where are the campsites, B&B's etc?
  • What else can I do in that area?
  • Where can I find out about the history of the area?

For answers to these types of questions you should probably visit the Tourist Office website at Visit Scotland, the National Trust for Scotland or Scottish Natural Heritage/Historic Scotland. See our Organisations page for more info.

You'll also find some useful links to outdoor related sites on our links page.

Specific Trips

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