Snow Shelters

What is a Snow Shelter
Literally, a shelter for one or more people that is constructed from snow, usually on a slope.
Why do I need one?
  • In the winter the weather can become extreme in a matter of minutes and finding shelter immediately can be the difference between perishing and surviving. In this situation, assuming a sufficient quantity of snow, an emergency snow shelter (excavated on only a few minutes) can be a lifesaver.
  • A well constructed (i.e. remains intact) snow shelter will have better insulating properties than a tent. And you will already have a shovel with you (in case of an avalanche!). By digging a small trench in the centre of the shelter you not only create raised platforms for sleeping and a space for stretching your legs out but a handy trough for the colder air/moisture to settle into.
  • Building a decent snow hole (for spending a few nights in) is very time consuming - assuming you are doing this in good weather (rather than extending an emergency shelter) it should also be incredibly good fun. Something we should all try once.
How do I build one?

I had intended to write this myself but there are a couple of superb pages that other people have written.