SMC Hillwalking Guides And Other Publications

Hillwalking Guides

The best and most straightforward routes up Scotland's mountains.

The Munros

ISBN 0 907521 31 2
Edited by D.J. Bennet
Price:- #14.95

All the 3000-foot peaks in Scotland

The Corbetts and other Scottish Hills

ISBN 0 907521 29 0
Edited by G.S. Johnstone, H.M. Brown and D.J. Bennet

The hills of between 2500 and 2999 feet, and the best of the lower ones.

Other Publications

Rodger Everett didn't provide any info on these, so commentaries below are mine. I'm just providing enough to make their relevance clear in for people from outside Scotland.

Munro's Tables

ISBN 0 907521 09 6
Price:- #9.95

Sir Hugh Muro listed all of Scotland's mountains over 3000 feet. He even checked that the ones he listed were a reasonable distance apart. Lots of people try to do the lot and tick them off on lists. Me.. I'm leaving them till I'm old so it's a challenge.

Scotland's Mountains

ISBN 0 907521 15 0
Price:- #17.95

A Century of Scottish Mountaineering

ISBN 0 907521 21 5
Price:- #15.95

Ben Nevis - Scotland's Highest Mountain

ISBN 0 907521 16 9
Price:- #14.95

Ski Mountaineering in Scotland

ISBN 0 907521 20 7
Price:- #12.95

A Chance in a Million - Scottish Avalanches

ISBN 0 907521 11 8
Price:- #4.95

There is information available on the WWW:- see the Scottish Avalanche Information Service.

Scottish Hill and Mountain Names

ISBN 0 907521 30 4
Price:- #9.95

Scottish mountains are often named in Gaelic. E.g. "Glas Maol" for the "Grey Top". This explains these and also probably Scandinavian and Scots derived names.

The Cairngorms Scene - And Unseen

ISBN 0 907521 25 8
Price:- #6.95

Heading for the Scottish Hills

ISBN 907521 24 X
Price:- #5.95

This book lists all of the different estates which own different parts of the Scottish Hills. This makes it very useful for contacting the owners of areas for access permission where needed. Particularly when camping for example.

The Black Cuillin Ridge Scrambler's Guide

ISBN 0 907521 18 5
Price:- #4.95

The Cuillin ridge is one of the most famous in Scotland and contains the only Munro in Scotland which needs to be rock climbed to get to the top.

The Black Cuillin of Skye Map

ISBN 0 907521 35 5
Price:- #3.95

The Glen Coe Map

ISBN 0 907521 36 3
Price:- #2.95