Submitting Climbing Info

If you notice any information which is missing from this area, or you would like to add any information to the site at all, please feel free to send it to me. You can do this either in normal email to .

We're very happy to get the information in plain text. I will then reformat it to add it to the archive.

If you have any problem with any of the links from this set of pages, please tell us immediately. They should all work all of the time.. Supposedly. We have developed some new LinkController software to help with this... now we need to start reading the reports!

We always reply to any mail that is sent to us if we can. If you don't get a reply then the reason is probably either a problem with our mail system or that you didn't manage to send an email address that works. Possibly due to problems at our end... Please try again, but give us a week or more because we aren't always around.