Classic Mountaineering Routes

This area of the archive is pretty sparse at the moment but we hope to extend is soon. The definition we've used for these "Mountaineering Routes" is that the routes are not pure rock-climbs, rather they are good (long/exposed) scrambles, commiting hillwalks with no easy return to civilisation or routes that require short rock-climbs or abseils. It's quite a wide scope...

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The Isle of Skye

The Black Cuillin is the most impressive mountain range in Scotland. It is directly comparable to the earopean alps in most respects except height. If you're planning a trip to Europe, this is the ideal place to train!
Be warned, though, the midges are ferocious here.

The archive has details of hillwalks on Skye as well as some specific outings:

The Cuillin Ridge Traverse

The Cuillin Ridge - probably the most sought after ridge traverse in the country. Definitely the hardest. Although this mountain chain is only 7km long the traverse is likely to take you at least two days, with a bivvy on the ridge. Hillwalking/mountaineering on sections if the Cuillin ridge is described separately, including the Inaccessible pinnacle.

Pinnacle Ridge - Sgurr nan Gillean

The 'tourist route' on Sgurr nan Gillean is a graded rock climb. It is not for the squeemish hill-walker. Most munro-baggers get up this impressive mountain sooner or later and all of them marvel at Pinnacle Ridge.

Northern Highlands

Liathach & the Am Farsinnen Pinnacles

In summer a traverse of Liathach is a long but enjoyable scramble in the remote wilderness that is Torridon. Even so, it can prove tricky if you try to decend the Northern Pinnacles from ...

In winter it is a much more serious/entertaining expedition!

The Fisherfield Forest

The last official wilderness in Scotland. Mountains scattered all around, nothing else but water and wildlife... including Golden Eagles, Owls, Deer, Pine Martens as well as the usual deer ticks and midges. You are unlikely to 'bump into' anyone here. Bring your survival training manual and have fun!

The Central Highlands

Tower Ridge - Ben Nevis

Apart from the tourist path, Tower Ridge is perhaps the best known route on Scotland's highest mountain.
Graded at Difficult this routes is constant high quality scambling in an impressive location. The exposure on the route can often be awe inspiring. Look out for Tower Gap.

Aonach Eagach - Glencoe

Advertised as 'the narrowest ridge walk on mainland Britain,' this is certainly an entertaining day out. Graded Moderate in summer and Grade II in winter. Some mountaineers reckon this ridge is best done in winter, at night (when the pub is closed) lit by a full moon!
The pinnacles on Aonach Eagach are entertaining when taken direct, so is the Clachaig Inn which awaits you at the end.

Curved Ridge - Buchaille Evtive Mor (Glencoe)

Curved ridge is an excellent day out on the mountain. Especially in winter (Grade II). Hillwalking on Buchaille Etive Mor is described here.

The Cairngorms

Someone please write something about 'mountaineering' in the Cairngorms. I've only been climbing here once or twice, never anything extensive...