Scottish Mountaineering Club Guidebooks

Published by The Scottish Mountaineering Trust. Books should be bought directly from a retailer if possible. However if this is impossible Cordee, the distributor will accept direct requests. Their address is Cordee, 3a DeMontford Street, Leicester LE1 7HD.

District Guides

This series of books caters for the hillwalker and scrambler with reference to all the major and lesser hills in the mountain areas of Scotland. In addition, some of the more notable summer rock and winter ice climbs in each area are mentioned. Where appropriate, there is also information on ski mountaineering routes and valley paths.

Climbers' Guides

Series Editor: R.D. Everett This is a completely revised set of comprehensive guides for climbing in both summer and winter in all parts of Scotland.

Hillwalking Guides

The best and most straightforward routes up Scotland's mountains.

Other Publications

Other Books

The rec.climbing faq series has a references list.