Mountaineering in Scotland

This section of the climbing archive will attempt to provide you with information about some of the "Classic Mountaineering Routes" in Scotland (and perhaps elsewhere).

Route information will include details of what kind of equipment you are likely to need, points of interest and any other relevant information (i.e. access issues) where known. We will also endeavour to give you some idea how to get there from either Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness.

It's not Scotland, but it's a nice Photo.
Chamonix Mark Anderson collection, 1996


The mountaineering pages of the archive will concentrate mainly on Classic mountaneering routes in Scotland. Examples of these routes would be:

Help Wanted

We are always looking for help with the website - if you'd like to write an article, or simply comment on the site, please contact us. - We'd be happy to include your work in the site.

We are not in the business of trying to classify what differentiates Mountaineering from Hill Walking or Climbing, but we shall assume that the Mountaineer will be a competent walker who also has some climbing skills.

This site will not teach you how to do anything. Our aim is to provide quality information on some great palces to go in Scotland.